The Color Biolab is a transdisciplinary research project approaching the color field from different perspectives: from sustainable production and application, to the use of color as a common language between art and science. Starting from traditional coloring, to living organisms or waste, this project aims to reflect about the possibilities of new coloring sources, and the implications involved.

Most of the work has been developed in LABORATORIUM, the experimental lab for art/design and biotechnology at KASK. In LABORATORIUM microorganisms have been cultured, pigment extraction has been performed and applied as well as microbial visualization or chemical reactions.

Some of the results generated of this research have been exhibited and presented in national and international conferences and art spaces. Knowledge generated is transferred by workshops, presentations and a seminar, in and out of the art academy.

During this research a compilation of knowledge about traditional coloring based on literarure was performed.

Some of the plants and minerals described as a coloring source have been used in this research to understand and visualise the possibilities of using them again to the detriment of synthetic colors.

Due to the importance of the textile and fashion field in the school, a wide number of dyes were used in collaboration with academic staff and students (weld, madder, woad, indigo, cochineal, alkanet, logwood...) See more workshops